17 June, 2024

Install Google Apps and Google Play Store for Huawei Not Support | No PC – No USB

Hello everyone, in this video I will show you how to install Google Play Store on Huawei devices that are not supported by Google.

Install Google Apps and Google Play Store for Huawei Not Support | No PC – No USB

– Download APK Install: https://tinesports.com/


– Step 1: Install QuickShortcut Marker

– Step 2: Go to settings – Applications find “backup” select stop and delete

– Step 3: Reinstall the Backup.apk V10 application

– Step 4: Check whether the installation item has the “Backup & Restore” section

– Step 5: Copy File “Huawei” but the Backup folder to USB is overwritten.

– Step 6: Restore fiile Backup via USB

– Step 7: Run the Restore File application just finished.

– Step 8: Install the applications “Google Account Manager, Google Contacts Sunc, Google policy, Google play Services STD version, Google Play Store”.

– Step 9: Open the “Quicksortcut marker” application to log into your Google account.

– Step 10: Install “Google Frame Work”

– Step 11: Check if you can access Play Store.

– Step 12: Go to the application to remove “Google Play Servieces”

– Step 13: Reinstall the “Google Play Servieces FIX”

– Step 14: Still reporting the error choose to reboot the device.

– Step 15: Download multiple applications, then delete apps “Google services Fame work cache”.

– Step 16: Restart

–  Step 17: Delete the “Google Play Servieces FIX” version and reinstall the original “Google Play Servieces” without “Google Account Manager”

– Step 18: Restart DONE.

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