10 December, 2023

HUAWEI Y6P Do not install Google Apps, Google Play Store And Eeplacement Applications

Hello today’s video, I would like to share with you how to install applications to replace Google Play Store on Huawei Y6P device when this device does not support the installation of services as well as Google Play Store

Download APK Install: https://tinesports.com/

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Install Google Apps and Google Play Store for Huawei Not Support | No PC – No USB


– Download APK Install: https://tinesports.com/


– Step 1: Install QuickShortcut Marker

– Step 2: Go to settings – Applications find “backup” select stop and delete

– Step 3: Reinstall the Backup.apk V10 application

– Step 4: Check whether the installation item has the “Backup & Restore” section

– Step 5: Copy File “Huawei” but the Backup folder to USB is overwritten.

– Step 6: Restore fiile Backup via USB

– Step 7: Run the Restore File application just finished.

– Step 8: Install the applications “Google Account Manager, Google Contacts Sunc, Google policy, Google play Services STD version, Google Play Store”.

– Step 9: Open the “Quicksortcut marker” application to log into your Google account.

– Step 10: Install “Google Frame Work”

– Step 11: Check if you can access Play Store.

– Step 12: Go to the application to remove “Google Play Servieces”

– Step 13: Reinstall the “Google Play Servieces FIX”

– Step 14: Still reporting the error choose to reboot the device.

– Step 15: Download multiple applications, then delete apps “Google services Fame work cache”.

– Step 16: Restart

–  Step 17: Delete the “Google Play Servieces FIX” version and reinstall the original “Google Play Servieces” without “Google Account Manager”

– Step 18: Restart DONE.

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